What information should I include in my email to get my Digital Proof and Price Quote?

Please Include:

1. Your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Shipping Address

2.  What type of clothing you'd like printed along with the color.
Take a look at our online catalog to include product numbers.

This can be as simple as "t-shirt" and we can recommend one.

3.  The description of your logo including photos if possible.

This can be as simple as "White Basketball Logo"

4.  Estimated Quantity you'll need.

5.  Any questions you have so we can help you best as possible.

How long does it take to get my Digital Proof and Price Quote?

You can receiving pricing quickly anytime by emailing TheRamKing@gmail.com or Calling Nick at 484-515-0268.  Digital Proofs are created originally for each customer and could possibly take up to 2 business days.  Our goal is to get your digital proof back to you within 1 business day.

What will my Digital Proof look like?

Can I revise my Digital Proof?

We'll revise your digital proof until it looks exactly how you want it to look.  Your proof must be approved before you place your order.

How do I order?

We'll work with you to get all the details you need for your order correct and email you an itemized Price Quote, when you approve your price quote and digital proof we accept credit/debit cards over the phone and process them using PayPal Virtual Terminal.  Once your order is processed we'll email your receipt and complete your order within 7-10 business days.

Example Price Quote: